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Collaboratives and Partnerships:

Alliance for Spiritual Understanding
Charter for Compassion
Common Passion
Council for A Parliament of World Religions - Chicago, IL, USA
Fellowship of Reconciliation - Nyack, NY, USA   
Gaiafield Project
Global Coherence Initiative - Boulder Creek, CA, USA  
Humanity's Team 
Initiatives of Change Canada - Ottawa, ON
Institute on Religion and Public Policy (The) - Alexandria, VA, USA
Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
International Committee for the Peace Council - Madison, WI, USA
Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values - The Hague, The Netherlands
Love Project (The) - San Diego, CA, USA
Movement for Beloved Community - San Diego, CA, USA
North American Interfaith Network
Odyssey Networks - New York, NY, USA
Ontario Multifaith Council - Toronto, ON
Ottawa Friends of Tibet - Ottawa, ON
Peace 2012
Peace Alliance (The) -  Washington, DC, USA
Project Heaven on Earth - Sante Fe, NM, USA  
Religions of Peace - New York, NY, USA
Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue (The) - Washington, DC, USA
Shift Network (The)
Spiritual Frontiers Canada - Ottawa, ON
Tannenbaum Center for InterReligious Understanding - New York, NY, USA
Together Canada - Ottawa, ON  
United Communities of Spirit - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
United Religions Initiative - San Francisco, CA, USA
Unity and Diversity World Council - Los Angeles, CA, USA
World Congress of Faiths - London, UK
World Interfaith Network - Los Angeles, CA, USA
World Network of Religious Futurists
World Peace Prayer Society (The) - Wasaic, NY, USA