Are you a student or practiciing therapist, counsellor, or healer looking for a peer, mentoring, support group? We are inviting students and practitioners to participate in our group and learn from one another.

​This group provides support and development for students and practicing therapists, counselors, and healers who wish to reflect on the issues that arise in their practices. The principles that guide us include:

  • As practitioners we are always learning;
  • Personal awareness and reflection are vital aspects of the healing process; and
  • As practitioners we will benefit from developing our ability to separate our personal issues from those of our clients.

When and where we meet:

We meet via Zoom videoconference call on the 2nd Sunday of each month, from 1-2pm EST.

How to join:

If you are interested in joining the group, either email Robert Meagher with your interest or fill out the 'Contact Us' form to the right.

Your free will offerings or in-kind donations are welcome:

This group is coordinated as a heart service of Spiritual Guidance. You may wish to offer your donations at any time through the [DONATE] button on the Spiritual Guidance home page.

Discussion concentration and focus:

Discussion at meetings may explore the broad ethos of therapy, counseling, and healing, including, but not limited to:


Discussion about the theoretical, psychological, and spiritual foundation of therapy, counseling, and healing work.

  • Foundations of therapy, counseling, and healing
  • Aims of therapy, counseling, and healing
  • Therapist / counselor / healer’s role


Discussion about methodology / modality, setting up a practice, and maintenance / administration of a practice.

  • Methodology / modality, approach, and application
  • Case histories (documentation of)
  • Confidentiality
  • Working in collectives vs. private practice
  • Part-time vs. full time
  • Payment


Discussion about preparation for the therapeutic encounter, the meeting itself, and issues arising from.

  • Fostering awareness, authenticity, and self-reflection
  • Cultivating presence (through warmth, empathy, respect, etc.)
  • Ability to focus
  • Training and development
  • Personal issues arising in therapy
  • Boundaries, power, control, manipulation
  • Intervention and/or acceptance
  • Challenging and confronting
  • Spontaneity vs. preparation 
  • Projection, transference, countertransference
  • Role of intuition
  • Case histories (discussion, analysis, and reflection of)

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