A COURSE IN MIRACLES Study and Discussion Groups

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) study and discussion groups are offered in person and via Zoom videoconference services. See below for further details and for the various options you have to participate.

Purpose and Intention:

ACIM study and discussion groups are intended as a forum for ACIM Students to:

  • Come together and share in ACIM learning and teaching;
  • Seek an expanded understanding of Course principles;
  • Support each other through our respective personal and spiritual transformation; and
  • Prepare us for fulfillment of our earth-plain journey.

Approach and Methodology:

As with any spiritual practice, there is no right way when it comes to our journey toward enlightenment. ACIM should be studied and practiced in a way that is most comfortable for the individual student.

To facilitate group discussion, and the proposed purpose of the study group, without adding unnecessary structure to the gatherings, any / all of the following approaches and study activities may be used:

  • Meditation / contemplative reflection on a prayer or passage from the Course;
  • Discussion of selected readings from the Course;
  • Review of experiences with individual lessons;
  • Exploration of topical areas in the Course (e.g., love, forgiveness, etc.);
  • Sharing of Course experiences and how we are living the Course in our daily lives;
  • Sharing of questions that arise from the above.


Spiritual Guidance facilitates the following ACIM study and discussion groups:

  • Thursday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30pm EST. This study group enjoys a variety of activities ranging from a review of the Course text, Workbook for Students lessons, topical areas and an ever-present invitation to share how we are living the Course in our daily lives. This gathering is held in person in Ottawa, ON, CANADA. Email Robert for location details.

  • Sunday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30pm EST. ​This study group enjoys a variety of activities ranging from a review of the Course text, Workbook for Students lessons, topical areas and an ever-present invitation to share how we are living the Course in our daily lives. This gathering is held online, via Zoom videoconferencing services. Email Robert to get your Zoom link and call-in telephone numbers (if calling in by phone).


Study and discussion groups are offered and facilitated from the heart. Spiritual Guidance does gratefully accept your in-kind donation or free will offering for participation in the study and discussion groups. You can make your donation via the [DONATE] button to the right.

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What are people saying about the study / discussion groups:

"I wanna tell you I am very thankful and grateful to you Robert for all the time I've spent in your group. I've been in a whole bunch of different study groups and I can tell you honestly that your group is the most professional one. Somehow Robert you manage to combine the both worlds of a disciplined professional approach and a feels-like-home atmosphere.After the last 2.5 years, your study group Robert as well as all of the other ones helped me to solve my biggest problem with ACIM - to undo my resistance against the Text. And in the fall of 2017 I could finally start reading the Text on my own. Robert, you will always be in my mind as a very kind and caring leader. God bless you and let's allow the Holy Spirit to dispel the dream of guilt for us all. Thank you!"
~ Igor

"Today we had 5 people attend. A great discussion and I so appreciate how Robert directs the agenda."
~ Maurice

"I’ve been attending Rob’s gatherings on A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for the past year, which have been a highlight of my life. I love those weekly sessions - the honest sharing and support, and Rob’s gracious guidance and insights into that mighty Course, which can be impenetrable when you study it alone. I’m deeply grateful to him for organizing these sessions at a time in my life when I’ve needed to connect with others in our spiritual journey. I think of Rob as a man of love-in-action, truly dedicated to being of service to others. He’s a gifted facilitator, attentive to the thoughts and concerns of everyone in the group. He creates a wonderfully peaceful and safe space for us to learn and grow. And I appreciate his marvelous sense of humour! Thank you, Rob, for being there – and being you."
~ Jennifer

"Robert is a real inspiration to me as I begin to study ACIM. The knowledge he imparts on me is greatly appreciated. I look forward to our ACIM meetings."
​~ Lee Ann

"Through his invitation of a study group such as ACIM, Robert Meagher offers the wonderful opportunity to examine our beliefs and ideas in relation to the absolute uncertainty of our creation. He is himself a true example of this expression of Peace Love and Joy; an inspirational teacher in this transformative journey which embraces all aspects of A Course in Miracles."
~ Louise
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