Listed below are a plethora of resources for the student studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM). At the top of the list are online glossary of terms and searchable text engines. Those resources are followed by many organizations, in alphabetical order by organization name, that offer ACIM-related products and/or services. Toward the bottom of the list below are the names of individuals with ACIM-related resources, services, and materials.

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Glossary of Terms
Circle of Atonement
Foundation for A Course in Miracles

Searchable Text Engines
Miracle Distribution Center
The Little Garden


ACIM: Mystical Mind Training for A Course in Miracles Students and Teachers
"A Course in Miracles" on the Internet. This site is the ONE internet Resource to finding the Complete Course all in ONE place. A Real Find.

ACIM Abstract
The site shares a summary, or abstract, of the Course that has been developed by Erwin R. Braker. It offers brief quotations from the Course arranged by topics under four broad questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? And, How do I get there?

ACIM Archives
Welcome to the ACIM Archival site of The Foundation for Inner Peace and the Foundation for A Course in Miracles.

ACIM Complete and Annotated Edition
This is an unofficial, authorised reading of the Complete and Annotated Edition of ACIM by Edward Humm.

ACIM Explained: An Intelligent Guide for the Spiritually Curious
ACIMExplained.com is a website of articles and a running blog maintained by Kenneth Bok, a 27 year old Singaporean living in London. ACIMExplained seeks to be an online resource for anybody interested in A Course In Miracles, and especially for new students.

ACIM Kansas City
The Kansas City connection to ACIM.

ACIM Mentor
A Course in Miracles - faster and easier. One-on-one study, support and guidance for serious students.

ACIM New Zealand
“Meetup” with other local students of A Course in Miracles. Share studies and ideas on
 practical applications in one’s daily life. Open to students of ACIM Worldwide.

This website is dedicated to support students on their life long journey with the Course.

ACIM St. Louis
Established in 2005, ACIM St. Louis promotes interaction among students of A Course in Miracles through coordination of ACIM resources, communications and events.

Agape Interfaith Ministries
The mission of Agape Interfaith Ministries is to encourage, support and inspire a deepening conscious relationship with Divinity for the greater experience of wholeness, abundance, love and peace. We serve to elevate consciousness through individual and group educational activities, and community service.

Another Way
We share with those who seek a better way, and have decided to find, a new direction. Another Way integrates two methods for inner transformation: The teachings of the modern day spiritual guide called A Course in Miracles and The Work™ of Byron Katie to bring seekers of a better way a practical means for inner transformation and a renewed life experience.

Attitudinal Healing International
Attitudinal Healing International’s mission is to create, develop, and support the official home portal for Attitudinal Healing and to help facilitate the organic creation and growth of independent centers, groups, and individuals worldwide.

Atonement Enterprises
A Call to Awaken, a collection of ACIM quotes related to specific questions.

Australian Centre for Inner Peace
Michael Dawson has been an ACIM teacher at Findhorn in Scotland, and recently emigrated to Australia. On this website, the website for the Australian Centre for Inner Peace, he has articles on the Course, summary charts, extracts from his book Healing the Cause - A Path of Forgiveness, information about his upcoming workshops, links to other sites, inspirational poetry, and more.

Center for Attitudinal Healing
The first Centre for Attitudinal Healing was established in California in 1975 by Dr Gerald Jampolsky. There are now about 150 centres worldwide, operating in 30 countries, offering support and healing based on ACIM principles.

Center for Inner Peace: A Course Experience
A Center for Inner Peace is a nonprofit organization in Marin County California seeking closer union with God through our interactions with our sisters and brothers. Our purpose is to integrate the teachings of A Course in Miracles within our daily lives in order to experience the greater peace, love, joy, and healing the Course promises. In our desire to share the vision of the Course with others, we pursue deepening our practice of the principles of the Course and keeping our community linked through workshops, lectures, classes, and events. The Center has evolved out of the teaching work of Sharon Sherrard.

Center for Miracles Studies
Our purpose is to help Course students gain a deeper understanding of the text and workbook and to encourage the integration of its principles into daily life. We offer weekly study groups, an introductory class, one to five day workshops, and private tutoring. We are also available to teach an introductory class or a one day workshop in your location (home or other workshop site) upon request.

Choose Again
Our mission is to help others and ourselves to remove the barriers to love we have erected and to then experience peace and joy in life, regardless of our stories, symptoms or diagnoses.

Circle of Atonement
Our conviction is that A Course in Miracles contains untold benefits for its students. The purpose of the Circle is to help students realize those benefits. We do this by drawing out the author's intent in the Course's words, helping students understand what the Course teaches and how it asks us to live it. Provides an abundance of resources and study tools.

Clearmind International Institute
The Institute is located outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. "Clearmind International Institute offers experiential workshops combining the principles of 'A Course in Miracles' with psychology and spirituality. Our programs are a passionate and playful journey into ourselves, our relationships and the universe." Duane O'Kane is the founder; he and Catherine Wyber are the primary teachers.

Community Miracles Center
(formerly California Miracles Center) is based in San Francisco, headed up by Rev. Tony Ponticello and Rev. Larry Bedini. They have put together a neat site, flavored with their own unique flair. All kinds of info about the activities of CMC in SF, and a page where you can order from a list of over 270 ACIM-related books and tapes. They are both doing great work there in the Bay Area.

Continuing Story of the Course
This site is offered by D. Patrick Miller, author of The Complete Story of the Course: The History, the People, the Controversies behind A Course in Miracles. It is a source for news about the Course and the Course community. Miller's goal for this site is to "provide a fair, factual and insightful reference to this teaching not only for current and prospective students, but also for other journalists, historians, theologians, and anyone else attempting to understand the growing social phenomenon spawned by A Course in Miracles."

Course in Miracles Global Community Centre
An on-line global community centre for students of the Course, offering coaching, counselling, therapy, study and discussion groups, courses, a community discussion board / café, and a plethora of resources for students studying the Course.

Course in Miracles Society
Course in Miracles Society is an international group of Course students and teachers organized to discover, authenticate and propagate the Divine Teachings of A Course in Miracles. Offers resources and study tools.

Course Oasis
A registered charitable organization dedicated to A Course in Miracles located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Course Oasis is a satellite of the Circle of Atonement teaching, healing, and publishing organization. Course Oasis shares the Circle's dedication to teaching A Course in Miracles as a complete spiritual path and in as faithful a way as possible. Offers programs, services and resources.

Endeavor Academy
A Course in Miracles Masters Academy whose sole purpose is to bring enlightenment through the transformation of your mind.

Eureka’s mission is to support the study and practice of the principles of spiritual wisdom as expressed in “A Course In Miracles”.

Exploring A Course in Miracles
Nice photographs and inspiration from A Course in Miracles.

Fellowship for Today
A spiritual community in East Lansing, Michigan, USA, that offers courses and study groups on the Course.

Foundation for A Course in Miracles
Our goal for this site is to present the purpose and activities of the Foundation as well as what A Course in Miracles is and what it teaches. Provides an abundance of resources and study tools.

Foundation for Inner Peace
The official website for the not-for-profit organization devoted to publishing and distributing A Course in Miracles. Offers resources and study tools.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind
This is a non-profit Foundation established by David Hoffmeister for the purpose of teaching / learning true forgiveness. David and the Messengers of Peace are a small modern day monastic community living on Divine Providence, with a large global ministry, committed to the practical application of mind training and extending the message of Love, Joy, Peace and True Freedom! They hold gatherings and retreats wherever there is a strong call, make available multi-media materials, facilitate an on-line teaching and ministerial program, and provide counseling and support to those on the path of awakening.

Forgiveness University
A website dedicated to the teaching of the Course.

Garden of Miracles
A Course community on the North Shore of Vancouver, Canada, founded by Rev. Susan Hunt. Their website contains information about the Course and about workshops and community events.

Healing the Cause – A Path of Forgiveness
Inspired by the Course, Michael Dawson has created a website with various resources, all focused on forgiveness.

I Work Miracles
A Gathering of ACIM Friends - devoted to exploring our joy, peace and happiness by Robin J. Evans.

It’s A Miracle Centre
We believe in Miracles as taught in A Course In Miracles, and expect miracles every day in every way. We offer our blessings to you for the miracles that will awaken the wholeness of your spirit.

Institute for the Study of A Course in Miracles
This site (a) explores the Course in light of the world's major spiritual traditions; (b) presents the hidden non-Workbook practices of A Course in Miracles and (c) examines all facets of the Course from a dogma-free perspective.

Joseph Plan Foundation
Plan Joseph Foundation was founded in 1993 by Tara Singh. Retreats, articles, books and ACIM information.

Keeping Centered
Guest Speaking, Classes, and newsletters on the Course in Miracles. Keeping center offers attractions on the Course in the Northwest Area and study group connections.

Little Garden: Self-Help Study Guide and Resources for ACIM
Offers resources and study tools including a very useful search utility.

Living Miracles Centre
A teaching center for seekers of truth by David Hoffmeister and Messengers of Peace.

Living Miracles Monastery
Utah monastery devoted to the Course community led by David Hoffmeister.

Love Communications
Established in 2005, Love Communications, Inc. is an A Course in Miracles Education Company. We are exclusively devoted to promoting greater awareness and use of ACIM. We offer a variety of educational programs, products, and services to assist all levels of Course students. Our vision is that of a happier, more peaceful world brought about, in a significant way, through the widespread use and study of ACIM. Our mission is to serve as an accurate, respectful, and user friendly resource for quality ACIM promotion and education. Simply put, our goal is to make ACIM a "household word” (like the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita and other holy books). Jim White is President and Founder.

Milagros en Red
A Spanish ACIM website based in Argentina. It is the website for the Miracle Study Center in Buenos Aires, lead by Patricia Besada and Valerie Monk. It is packed with information, and includes Spanish translations of articles by many popular ACIM writers.

Miracle Distribution Center
One of the oldest ACIM organizations. It features a mail-order business that offers nearly everything Course-related in the way of books, tapes and videos. They also maintain a very complete listing of study groups throughout the world.

Miracle Network
The home page for "A Course in Miracles" in the U.K. Lists ACIM events in the U.K. Also has wonderful sections on frequently asked questions.

Miracle Song
A selection of ACIM workbook lessons set to catchy music to help you memorize, deepen, and celebrate its teachings. Singer- songwriter Alisa Amor uses pop, latin, folk and rap to bring out the nuances of each meditation.

Miracle Studies
This website was lovingly developed by Joseph Jesseph, a long-time student of A Course in Miracles. It now serves as his legacy and is being preserved by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Miracle Studies Australia
James Hale is the host of Miracle Studies, Australia. This site has particular relevance for A Course in Miracles students in Australia, but will be of interest to others as well. It includes articles from the 'Miracle Link' newsletter (edited by Bill McDonald), as well as archives of the Workbook Lesson commentaries by Allen Watson.

Miracle Times
"A Course in Miracles" Daily Lessons on the Internet. Do your Daily Workbook Lessons right here! A resource with each Lesson written out for your Practice.

Miracles Center
This site has a link to a talk which guides the listener not only to a mere understanding, but also to an actual experience of shifting their identity from ego to their True Identity or Real Self, and not only in a way that makes that experience possible during the talk itself, but in a way that is clear enough so that they will be able to shift from ego to Real Self at any time they choose to do so. It accomplises this as a result of the convergence of 12 different approaches and 7 different meditations.

Miracles Healing Centre
"Our mission is to offer you a joyous experience of rebirth and awakening through miracles, forgiveness and the eternal Love of God." We heal with the power of Christ Mind through direct application of the divine instructions of Jesus Christ contained in the New Testament of the Holy Bible by the enlightenment of our minds through the method and manner of our salvation and resurrection that is His message contained in A Course In Miracles.

Miracles in Contact
Information about the Course, Course books and tapes, and study groups in the Netherlands.

Miracles Magazine
Jon Mundy's Miracles Magazine is both one of the newest Course publications and one of the oldest. Jon has been publishing Course-related magazines for many years: On Course and Inspiration were previous titles, while Miracles is the latest incarnation, published bi-monthly.

Miracles One Foundation
Co-founded by Revs. Paul and Deborah Phelps, the Miracles One Foundation's focus is "Living the Spirit—Led Life Through Practical Application of A Course in Miracles." They have co-authored books, meditation CDs, and the Practical Application Series of 30 day programs designed to help ACIM students strengthen their connection with the Holy Spirit. Every awakening tool is co-created under Holy Spirit's guidance and designed to help others apply the principles of the Course into their daily lives thus leading them to walk through the world with a quiet sense of confidence, trust and inner peace by truly living the Spirit-led life. Paul and Deb are also the producers of MiraclesOne Radio www.miraclesoneradio.org and the sponsors of ACIM Gather Radio www.acimgatherradio.org.

Miracles Prisoner Ministry
We are a Prisoner Ministry. We freely offer a variety of spiritual reading materials. We provide a year-long Spiritual Recovery Correspondence Course for those in need of a more structured Program. We also offer Spiritual Training Classes on-site for those who are physically incarcerated.

Music of Christ
Resources from David Hoffmeister.

New Heaven, New Earth
David Sunfellow has kindly included some information about the Course and the Circle of Atonement on his Web page, "New Heaven New Earth." He has dozens of links to what he refers to as "like-minded" sites, many having to do with prophecies, spiritual teachings, and earth changes.

Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles
The Foundation is based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, promote the teachings of Jesus a.k.a. 'Raj', who is being channeled by Paul Tuttle and claiming to be the author of the Course.

On Purpose
The organization of Sandy Levey-Lunden, who is based in Bellingham, Washington. The OnPurpose teaches workshops, retreats and seminars on how to establish a Holy Relationship according to the teaching of ACIM.

One Mind Foundation
Our purpose is to provide an environment where the Curriculum of Love and shared interest is the underlying content.

Overton Studios Trust
Based in the UK It produces "videos, books and articles which explore the ideas of Jesus" - from the perspective of A Course in Miracles. This site has an emphasis on healing.

Only Love Is
My intention is to inspire joining through extending Love. A retreat centre in Victoria, BC, devoted to the teaching of the Course.

Pathways of Light
Offers both on-campus and correspondence courses on ACIM and related spiritual topics. They offer training for group facilitation, counseling, and the ministry, as well as a miracles bulletin board, counseling services, a place to submit miracle stories, and an online store specializing in inspirational and healing items.

Quest Foundation
A membership foundation whose mission is to support the practice of the principles of A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing in the Northeastern region of the United States. They offer workshops, retreats, conferences, and seminars; act as a networking organization for ACIM and Attitudinal Healing groups in the region; and publish their own newsletter, The Spirit's Voice.

Rocky Mountains Miracles Center
The Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (RMMC) is a teaching center in Denver, Colorado for students and a learning center for teachers of A Course in Miracles. We are dedicated to awakening by applying the Course’s unique form of forgiveness to all our relationships. We offer ongoing ACIM classes and study groups on general and specific topics, as well as a variety of special events, and maintain a lending library and bookstore providing up-to-date Course publications. Tim David is the current President of the Board. Rae Gilmore is Vice President and David Morrissey is the contact person.

Scholar’s Toolbox I & II
ACIM primary source documents, concordances and audio. Doug Thompson's comparison of five versions of ACIM along with discussion notes.

School of Reason
The purpose of the school curriculum is to uncover the natural state of mind that spontaneously forgives through the use of the Course’s definition of forgiveness.

Spirit Light Outreach
Spirit Light Outreach sends Books, magazines [like Miracles Magazine] to people who need them most. We deliver them to prisoners, 12 steppers, aged and the physically impaired who are unable to acquire them on their own. Course in Miracles Society donates copies the 1,300 page edition of ACIM which are sent to prisoners.

Teachers of God Foundation
The Teachers of God Foundation's Mission is to be a light in this world and share ideas from A Course in Miracles with anyone who desires to have their own transformation and Awakening experience.

Treasure House (The)
​Students of A Course in Miracles share their stories of forgiveness, healing, and transformation.

Voice of Love
The Voice for Love Foundation, founded in 1994 by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, promotes a way of thinking, perceiving, and living the Truth of Who and What We are by sharing the Holy Spirit and supporting others in hearing this Voice for Love within them through their books, workshops, and teachers programs.

Dedicated to helping students, and teachers, of the Course.


Dr. Carolyn O. Burleson
A teacher and (former?) Unity minister, has some pages of inspirational material, with some reference to the Course.

Tom and Linda Carpenter
Here you will find access to all the Carpenters' profound and inspiring work -- gatherings, articles and dialogues for download, plus facilities for ordering recordings and their well-known book 'Dialogue on Awakening'.

Charles Christian
A page with a wealth of information on ACIM in French.

Alan Cohen
​The author of many books including books about A Course in Miracles.

Daan Dehn
A page which contains numerous articles based on his 10+ years of exploring the Course.

Dr. Sorah Dubitsky
A facilitator of study groups for A Course in Miracles for more than 20 years.

Aba Gayle
A site dedicated to forgiveness and to the memory of her murdered daughter, Catherine Blount. Aba's story of how she forgave her daughter's murderer is an outstanding example of Course-based forgiveness. Aba Gayle carries on a ministry to prisoners, and is available for speaking engagements.

Gregg Geissmann
Has created a web site in German for German-speaking students of ACIM. It includes some translations of articles by Robert Perry and Allen Watson.

Helen Gordon
Offers enrollment for online classes, software downloads and books to buy online. It is a veritable online campus for the study of ACIM.

Jennifer Hadley
Jennifer Hadley offers spiritual classes and counseling in a practical application of spiritual principles for everyday living. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and a teacher of ACIM through the Living a Course in Miracles class series.

Robert J. Hellmann
Author of God, Self, and Evil: A Miracle Theodicy. We believe that this book is an excellent contribution to Course scholarship.

David Hoffmeister
David Hoffmeister is a living demonstration that peace is possible. His gentle demeanor and articulate, non-compromising expression are a gift to all. David is world-renowned for his practical application of A Course in Miracles. His clarity about the function of forgiveness in spiritual Awakening and his radical use of mindful movie-watching in the release of judgment is unsurpassed. The purity of the message he shares points directly to the Source.

Burt Hotchkiss
Author of "Your Owner's Manual," a delightful and simple presentation of the message of ACIM in the form of an automotive owner's manual (but one for your life instead of your car), shares a few insights from the book and makes ordering it easy.

Carol Howe
Carol has a brand new site (November 1997) which is dedicated to "peace of mind through healed relationships." This site has a wealth of information on her unique approach to relationships, and much Course-related material. A full listing of Carol's cassette tapes, videos, books, and upcoming workshops is also available.

Dr. Lee Jampolsky
Son of pioneer Jerry Jampolsly and renowned author and psychologist, has a site featuring his work and his numerous popular books, such as 'Healing the Addictive Mind' and 'Walking Through Walls'.

Miranda Macpherson
Well-known ACIM and spiritual teacher Miranda offers inspiration and information, as well as audio and video downloads so that you can access the grace and "transformational atmosphere" of unconditional love. Awaken to the stillness of your own heart -- God, not merely as concept but as direct experience.

Sandy Levey-Lunden
A spiritual coach and counselor whose work is based on A Course in Miracles. She is located in Bellingham, Washington. Sandy has been helping people release and forgive past traumas for over 20 years. She has also developed a youth program called Youth On Purpose for helping to treat troubled teens and their families. She is currently working to build an ACIM community in the Washington area.

Rev. Robert Meagher
Robert is an interfaith minister in Canada’s National Capital, Ottawa, and leads an initiative called Spiritual Guidance. Spiritual Guidance offers a variety of services including Spiritual Programming. As part of Spiritual Programming Services, Robert nurtures a global community of students who study the Course.

Jon Mundy
The author of many books about A Course in Miracles.

Heather Pozzo
Heather is well-known in the Miracle Network. She has her own website and offers spiritual counselling, Interfaith Ministery and an A Course in Miracles group

Gary Renard
A supporter and promoter of the Course.

Rev. Casey Robert
My purpose in creating this site is to help ourselves and help others find peace in a storm through spiritual growth. Each of the essays that I've written speaks to my personal experience of how deepening our spiritual lives can help us to move peacefully through troubling times, and how we can best "be there" for others when those we care about are facing problems of their own.

Chris Rosenthal
A website entitled "Chris' Corner on the Course." Chris uses the principles of A Course in Miracles in her psychotherapy practice, and invites you to share her journey. Her site includes "Weekly Wisdoms," "Miracle Moments," an exploration of Reiki and the Course, a listing of her upcoming events, and more.

Fran Spayne
Inspirational-Empowerment Coach, Holistic Therapist, Psychological, Intuit, Course-In-Miracles Counselor.

Allen Watson
A rich and resourceful website, including very helpful commentaries on the Text and the Workbook, from one of the Courses well-respected scholars.

Marianne Williamson
Well-known lecturer and author of Return to Love and several other books, has a web site of her own. She lists all her upcoming lectures and special events, has a page for her books and tapes.

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