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A Mantra for Positivity

by Robert Meagher on 01/02/21

Photo Credit: pexels.com - Andrea Piacquadio

Much has been said and written about the power of positive thinking. Indeed, science and spirituality have had much to say about how positive thinking can improve our health and well-being.

Take Masaru Emoto’s ground-breaking book “The Hidden Messages in Water.” Emoto examined how the molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. The findings were remarkable and led the way for a whole science behind the power of positive thinking. In summary, Emoto found that when we are filled with positive thoughts, when we express positive words, and when we feel positive feelings, the crystalline structures of water molecules were beautifully formed. As opposed to when we are filled with negative thoughts, express negative words, and when we feel negative feelings, the crystalline structures of water molecules were deformed and often collapsed.

Emoto’s findings were significant, in part, because of the science behind the water content of the body. Data varies, but it is generally thought that the body is made up of 60% water, with the brain and the lungs comprising upwards to 80% water. If positive thoughts, words and feelings can affect the crystalline structure of water molecules, then positive thoughts, words and feelings can surely affect the cellular structure of the human body. Therefore, Emoto’s research showed that positive thoughts, words and feelings can affect our overall health and well-being.

Spirituality also has much to contribute to the science of positive thinking. Most any spiritual teaching I have studied incorporates teachings about positive thinking, words and actions. These positive thoughts, words and actions nurture the soul and move us collectively toward enlightenment. Any spiritual practice I have engaged in has had the effect of improving my overall health and outlook on life—from meditation to yoga, a positive mindset offers remarkable life-giving and healing energy.

It may be too easy, for some, to accept the fact that we simply need to choose positive thoughts, choose to express positive words, or choose to feel positive feelings. For some, practicing positivity through various tools and techniques is a helpful way to build our positivity muscle and capacity, and allow positivity to be our life force. I am one of those people. The more I practice positivity through tools and techniques, the more positivity becomes engrained in my DNA, my psyche, and my way of being.

I recently started a new business and, at times, struggled with keeping my thoughts positive about the endeavor. I could easily think all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t go ahead with the adventure. I remember one day, in the midst of ‘start up’ efforts, I decided to focus my attention on why I should proceed with my business venture, instead of why I should not. On the same day I decided to focus my attention on positive thoughts about starting the business, a passage came into my life that I now use as a daily mantra for positivity. I want to share it with you. The passage comes from A Course in Miracles and is stated as follows:

I will use the power of my will today. It is not my will to grope about in darkness, fearful of shadows and afraid of things unseen and unreal. Light shall be my guide today. I will follow it where it leads me, and I will look only on what it shows me. This day I will experience the peace of true perception.

As with the above mantra, positive thoughts help us to dispel our fears. Positive thoughts allow us to walk through life guided by a life force that is imbued with light and love. When we allow the light of positivity to expand outwards, the world around us transforms. Anything is possible. Everything is beautiful. All is love.

Robert Meagher has been ordained as an Interfaith Minister and certified as a Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Therapist. Robert is the Founder and Spiritual Director for Spiritual Guidance and Co-Founder of the Center for Human Awakening.

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