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Trust In Life And Life Provides

by Robert Meagher on 03/03/21

Photo Credit: - Alex Green

Seventeen years ago, I met my current partner. Sixteen years ago, my partner was diagnosed with Parkinsons. Six months later, he was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly thereafter, my role as life partner expanded to include health and personal caregiver.

As the diagnoses unfolded and a new reality emerged all those years ago, I quickly developed a sense of trust in life.1 I trusted that I would be provided with what I needed to manage and cope with this situation. I trusted that when I needed to know something, I would be told. I simply trusted.

Fast forward to present day and we are now having to consider palliative and hospice care for my partner. We have many of the legalities of the current situation in place. But the one part of the puzzle that remained elusive was how the transition from in-home care to hospice care would unfold. What would that transition look like? Was there something we could/should be doing now to prepare? And what about the financial aspect of the transition? Enter trust!

It just so happened (no coincidences here!) that a healthcare professional who works in the local palliative care industry was attending my spiritual gatherings. Knowing this person worked in the palliative care industry, I approached them recently to see what I could learn about palliative and hospice care. What unfolded was the most informative and helpful discussion I have had with any healthcare professional over the previous 17 years!

I left the discussion with gladness and gratefulness written all over my heart. Not only did I get answers to questions I have had for years!...but I was given specific instructions and steps to take to initiate a process of assessment for palliative and hospice care. This angel was surely sent from heaven!

While my trust in life has been tested from time to time over the past 17 years, my trust/faith has remained strong. It is stronger still because of the angelic light and love that was bestowed on me during that fateful conversation. I trusted, and life provided.

1. I use the word ‘life’ as most people would use the word ‘God’.

Robert Meagher has been ordained as an Interfaith Minister and certified as a Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Therapist. Robert is the Founder and Spiritual Director for Spiritual Guidance and Co-Founder of the Center for Human Awakening.

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