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Poems and Meditations:

A Community of the Spirit - Jelaluddin Rumi
A Spiritual Journey - Wendell Berry
Affirmation of Dr. Peter Jepson-Young
Affirmation of the Twelve - Gloria D. Karpinski
Anthem - Leonard Cohen
Aspen - Xanthe Harvey 
Beyond Suffering - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Body Intelligence - Jelaluddin Rumi
Breeze at Dawn (The)... - Jelaluddin Rumi  
Commitment - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Compassion - C.G. Jung
Dream that Must be Interpreted (The) - Jelaluddin Rumi
Each of Us Can Make A Difference - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Emptiness - Jelaluddin Rumi
From Fear to Love and Forgiveness - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Guest House (The) - Jelaluddin Rumi
Honesty - Gerald G. Jampolsky
I AM - Gerald G. Jampolsky
I Have Passed This Way - Anonymous
If You Want What Visible Reality... - Jelaluddin Rumi
In Gratitude to You - Gerald G. Jampolsky
In Your Light I Learn... - Jelaluddin Rumi
Inner Voice (The) - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Journey (The) - Mary Oliver
Let Us Take Each Other's Hands - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Letting Go - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Loving - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Miracle of The Butterfly (The) - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Of Being Woven - Jelaluddin Rumi
Only Breath - Jelaluddin Rumi
Only Dream Worth Having (The) - Arundhati Roy
Passing of A Dream (The) - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Patience - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Place of Rest (The) - A.E. (George William Russell)
Say I Am You - Jelaluddin Rumi
Servant who Loved his Prayers (The) - Jelaluddin Rumi
Song of the Soul - Kahlil Gibran 
Surrender - Gerald G. Jampolsky
Talking in the Night - Jelaluddin Rumi
Tending two Shops - Jelaluddin Rumi
Truth (The) - Ancient Vedic Hymn
Two Kinds of Intelligence - Jelaluddin Rumi
Untitled - William Ellery Channing
Vigil (The) - Jelaluddin Rumi
Way of Chuang Tzu (The) - Thomas Merton
When I See the Light - Xanthe Harvey 
Who Has Seen The Wind? - Christina Georgina Rosetti
Wings of Humanity - Xanthe Harvey